At changing, transforming and growing organisations, “Human Resources Department” is supposed to catch up with current market conditions, and easily reach the correct candidate in a gradually developing pool of skills, but this comes along with certain challenges. At this point, PRO services step in offering time and cost advantages to companies, with no compromise on high quality standards, and guiding them to the targeted result in the light of efficiency principle.

RPO Service relates to a service model whereby a recruitment process outlined in collaboration with us are put to our hands for entirety of steps (starting from recruitment until placement of the candidate at the company) -you outsource entirety of the recruitment process- or you outsource a readily outlined recruitment process.

Under what circumstances can you make use of the service?

When you are about to hire new talents for being trained,
Şirketinizde yetiştirilmek üzere yeni yetenekleri almak üzere olduğunuzda,
When you have a collective recruitment project,
When you want to accelerate recruiting and hiring process and intend to concentrate on human resources strategies instead.

What are the advantages of RPO Service?

Customised, flexible recruitment solutions,
Time saving and cost-efficient,
Operational efficiency,
Systematic reporting capable of benchmarking for the process,
An efficient talent management in recruitment process.



Providing customised services and sticking to “Business and Solution Partner” models is our passion. By establishing long-term partnerships, we are simply dedicated to deliver fast, reliable and high quality services that bring added value to customers.


We reach candidates that you could not reach through career platforms, that are absent in your data and that you definitely need to get in touch. We strongly believe that we are one of the best in that.

Creating a Pool of Candidates

We create data and provide reporting services if you seek a rapid approach and solution-oriented service provision for any existing projects or prospective projects with potentiality in the short run.


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We are at your disposal and by your side for conducting checks and searches for compare and contrast purposes when you are staffing, creating a newly-defined specific position or simply want to improve any existing project at work.

CV Consultancy

We are here for you when you want to make a difference in job-seeking, create a CV identity that suits your skills and competences, step forward in professional world and become a candidate with qualifications sough-after by head-hunters. For more information info@monetahr.com

Assessment Center

We have adopted a working model that enables a 360-degree evaluation service in all cases whenever you want to have competitive edge in current trends, hire the correct candidate at a correct time, invest in an existing skill for a long-term yield, determine internal career maps and zones of development, appeal to newly graduates that fit for the company and corporate culture, and feature the most efficient candidate in selecting leaders and executives.


We all go through certain times when we are lost and don’t know where to start with that project we want to actualise so much but have been postponing for a while, or a dream or a target for which we do don’t know where to get inspiration that will make us move for taking a sustainable, concrete and resolute step. This is the very moment coaching comes to help.

To sum up:

Coaching is a serious profession that helps a learner unlock and discover his or her potential by functioning as a full-focusing and proactive listener that asks precise questions at the right time and in the right place.

We are here to make it happen for you!

Under what circumstances can we work together?

When you want to spare quality time for yourself, reveal awareness by asking the right questions and unlock your potential,
When you need encouragement to realise your dreams and goals in life,
When you don’t know where to look at for motivation and inspiration and how to carry on with sustainability to attain your target and achieve your dream,
When you are in need of a change in business or private life but don’t know where to start with.

How much time do you need to spare for this?

One session of coaching takes 1 hour on average. You may consider sparing 1 hour every one or two days a week depending on the subject and condition you seek coaching for.

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