Treasury Specialist

Full Time

We are looking for treasury specialist, one of Turkey’s leading holding company.


* Graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of
Engineering or a related undergraduate department such as Statistics, Mathematics,
* At least 2 years of experience in finance or investor relations and treasury
management functions,
* Has a good command of spoken and written English.
Skills and Abilities
* Analytical thinking and developed problem solving skills,
* Developed organization and coordination skills,
* Closely following the developments, innovations and legislation in the field of expertise.

Job Description

*Reporting financial operations according to the standards set for the Holding and
monitoring and controlling the reports sent from affiliated companies,
* To follow up all reports of the Holding and affiliated companies regarding their credit
and monetary obligations,
* To follow up the periodic reports and plans regarding the payments of the Holding and
affiliated companies,
* To obtain payment approvals for all expenses made within the Holding and to make
payments within the framework of rules and policies,
* To follow up and report the necessary studies for the formation of policies and
strategies regarding the treasury management of the Holding and affiliated companies,
* Collecting reports from relevant units prepared in accordance with the reporting
standards of treasury operations,
* Ensuring accurate and complete treasury operations, in line with the policies and
strategies developed, supporting and / or intervening where necessary,

* To support the determination of strategies and policies for the execution of investor
relations and to participate in the necessary studies within these determined policies,
* To follow up the planned studies within the scope of investor relations, to make sure
that the documents prepared are up-to-date and accurate,
*Sharing the related studies within the scope of investor relations where necessary and
coordinating meetings and presentations in this direction,
* Supporting the feasibility studies of the planned projects,
* Supporting the establishment of financing policies and investment budgets of the
planned projects,
*To follow up changes, innovations and developments related to his / her fields of
expertise, to inform the team and managers and people related to the subject,
* To produce projects on business and process improvement / development in his / her
fields of expertise,
* If necessary, to take part in other projects assigned to him in line with his / her area of
* To guide and support the assistant specialists and clerks working with him /her.